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Guidelines for the Reviewers

1. Every reviewer should make sure that the author's opinion is subjective while reviewing the articles. Let them avoid irrelevant things. In this case, it is better not to make any personal criticism of the authors.

2. By standards of ethics, every reviewer should keep all information about the article confidential. They should not publish any information or discuss with others without the permission of the editor.

3. The information sent to each reviewer regarding the articles should be eagerly accepted in terms of fidelity.

4. If there is any constructive opinion on the improvement of the manuscript, the reviewer should bring it to the notice of the editor.

5. Reviewers should not consider manuscripts with conflicts of interest, competition, finances or collaboration.

6. If a potential reviewer feels uncomfortable or timely in reviewing the manuscript, it is not possible for him / her to continue the review, he /she must inform the editor.

7. The reviewer should refrain from any kind of misconduct. Conflict of interest in this case, if there is a lack of privacy; it will not be accepted in any way.

8. Every reviewer is requested to evaluate each manuscript impartially on the basis of their own merits. In this case, if there is any conflict of interest in the content of the research article, the reviewer must inform the editor before reviewing.

9. Critics don't just have to review. In this case, constructive feedback, evidence-based peer review reports should be made to guide the writers in the right direction.

10. The well-thought-out response or correct direction of the reviewers is the criterion for accepting or rejecting an article. This in turn helps in improving the quality of the journal. Reviewers are therefore requested to proceed with the task of reviewing in a humane manner with sincerity.