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Plagiarism Checking Policy

The article shall be based on original ideas and shall be covered by Zero Tolerance Policy on plagiarism. Plagiarism in any form constitutes a serious violation of the principles of publication and it is not acceptable. In case plagiarism is found and claimed then it would be brought under Plagiarism Disciplinary Authority (PDA) for necessary and maximum penalty. The article shall include abstract with keywords, introduction, objective, hypothesis, research methodology, analysis and interpretation, summary and observations, conclusions and references. Candidate should maintain UGC -plagiarism policy, 2017. In case of found guilty of plagiarizing candidates shall be asked to withdraw manuscript submitted for publication and shall not be allowed to publish. The examples of plagiarism are given bellow:

1. Word to word copying of portions of other’s writing without enclosing the copied passage in quotation marks and acknowledging the source in the appropriate scholarly convention.

2. The paraphrasing or abbreviated restatement of other’s ideas without acknowledging that other person’s text has been the basis for the paraphrasing.

3. The use of a particularly unique term or concept without acknowledging the original author or source.

4. The contributions of each author or collaborator should be made clear.

5. The submission of the same or a very similar paper of same author to two or more publications.

6. False citation.

7. False data.

Keeping in view the policy of Plagiarism and avoid the piracy of intellectual property the author needs to follow the citation policy:

1. When 10 words are taken together from some established core work, citation becomes essential.

2. When the copied content reaches 40 words in accumulation, the fragment needs to be kept under inverted comma (“………”) in italic.

3. Author needs to cite reference in case of any content adopted from anywhere other than internet open sites. Even in case of open site internet source the copied contents if found more than 30% in aggregate during plagiarism detection, the work shall not be considered for further publications.