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About us

The famous word ‘Samskrita’ means refined and purified. So Sanskrit is the most purified language. It is the most ancient, perfect and scientific language all over the world. This is a true symbol of the great Indian tradition and unique thought. It is recognized as a store house of scripture and as the language of prayers in Hindu religion. People of every region in the country can easily relate with Sanskrit and that is the best way to unite the country. It is now seen that knowledge of Sanskrit helps one in learning other languages as well as other disciplines.

In near future NASA is going to use Sanskrit as a computer language. Sanskrit is only scientific language which has no difference between hearing, reading and writing. It holds a prominent position in Indo-European studies. Sanskrit not only a language but this includes a vast treasure trove of wisdom. It is also that what is penned in this language. In Sanskrit there is vast scope of research. It comprises specializations like – Yoga, Vastushastra, Philosophy, Medical Science, Poetics, Vedic studies, Theatre, Astrology, Grammar, Epigraphy etc.

So, Sanskrit research is so much effective as well as important. Now the Sanskrit scholars are doing various researches in the different fields of Sanskrit. But due to lack of proper Sanskrit journal, they could not publish their research papers. So by dint of this E-Journal, we’ll try to fulfill this problem. The main purpose of this journal is to cater the necessity of publishing the research works of the faculty members and young researchers and scholars of Sanskrit. We hope, this International Peer-Reviewed Sanskrit E-Journal will fulfill the demand of Sanskrit researchers of our country as well as the globe. All the suggestions and criticisms about this journal are welcome for the better improvement of this kind of endeavor.

Vision & Mission

✔ This is not an exaggerated assertion that the vast domain of Sanskrit Literature for ages has been continuing showering its contribution for the growth and development of Indian wisdom and culture. Simultaneously, in this connection, we must bear it in mind that the aim of such relentless contribution lies with the one and only goal towards all round development of the humanity.

✔ This is indeed embodied with the contributors of a lot of national and international scholars. The intention behind it is that cultivation of Sanskrit should be extended to every corners of India and abroad.

✔ This is the E-journal which may boost up the young talents most of whom are still the learners of Sanskrit literature.

✔ The E-journal may immensely help the young scholars and newly appointed teachers in particular in exposing their faculty of research.

✔ The aim of this journal is to inculcate the tradition of Sanskrit literature in scholars all over the world.

✔ Holding on to the tradition of ancient knowledge by modern standards.

✔ To provide an ideal platform for students to develop to their talents.

✔ To provide knowledge on Research Methodologies and design aspects.

✔ To provide an academic pursuit like this stands to retain the continuity of the relentless flow of Sanskrit literature. This will again extend helping hands to encourage the young scholars coming up for Sanskrit learning and teaching. Hence, the E-journal is going to meet various kinds of academic interest.

Journal Particulars

1 Title Suradhuni
2 Journal Abbreviation SAISERJ
3 Frequency Quarterly
4 ISSN 2583-4630
5 Publisher World Sanskritshastra Association
6 Copyright World Sanskritshastra Association
7 Editor Mr. Rajib Sinha
8 Co-Editors Dr. Shiladitya Satpathi ,Mr. Asit Kumar Sau & Dr. Subhamoy Pahari
9 Associate Editors Dr. Palash Biswas,Dr. Shyam Sundar Sharma & Mrs. Sharaddha Upadhey
10 Starting Year 2022, January
11 Subject Philosophy
12 Language Multiple Languages ( Sanskrit & English)
13 Publication Format Online
14 Phone No 9064374742/9474894660/7980168921/ 9830933103 / 8967315585
15 Email id
16 Website
17 Address Ber Ballavpur, Kotwali, Near Water Tank & Health Centre, Word No-16 Midnapore-721101. West Bengal.India.